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    KheLhy GameMaster Aplication


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    KheLhy GameMaster Aplication

    Post by khelhy on Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:45 pm

    1. Tell us something about yourself (Name, Surname,Where do you live and picture)?Im Kevin Joshua Valeriano From Philippines!
    2. How old are you? ( minimum age - 20 )?im only 15 sorry for my low age but i think i can do my job as GameMaster
    3. Have you ever been a gamemaster (What Servers if so)?yes YeahMu administrator,ZoytiMu administrator,MhylesMu GameMaster,Zyclamemu GameMaster
    4. How long are you online (A Day) ?3 to 5 hours per day
    6. Why do you think that you are the best choice ?coz i think i can make GM job for my more experience to it
    7. What would you do to make server more popular ?i will make it more popular by making GM event and voting for our server top become 1 mu online and give warn to all bad player
    8. How did you find out about our server ?in google
    9. How many languages do you know?2 english pilipino

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