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    GM Request - DMX

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    GM Request - DMX

    Post by DMX on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:44 pm

    1. Tell us something about yourself (Name, Surname,Where do you live and picture)?
    Name : Boariu Ionut
    In-game : eXist
    I live in Germany since 2008 but i am Romanian originary from Resita , I prefer to keep my identity hidden, if my application will be approved i will show pictures with me to the owner/Administrator!
    2. How old are you? ( minimum age - 20 )?
    I am almoust 21 years old , my birthdate : 11 jan 1990
    3. Have you ever been a gamemaster (What Servers if so)?
    I have been GM on few servers like ResitaMU , MuPC-NET and ex-owner of DraculaMU!
    4. How long are you online (A Day) ?
    4 - 5 hours per day only .. because from 8 am to 5 pm i'm working !
    6. Why do you think that you are the best choice ?
    Because i have enough experience to become a GM and wisdom it's my edge !
    1. There are allways new players with frequently asked questions, and i am patiently helping the new comers!
    I treat all people with respect , i can share my knowledge about MuOnline with others!
    As long as i will be logged in i will maintain the ballance of the game and if there are misunderstandings i will surely make them vanish !
    And last but not least , all players will enjoy playing!
    7. What would you do to make server more popular ?
    I will invite all my friends from germany at first , then i will advertise on other sites that i know wich are full with addicted players and i will send messages on my yahoo accound because i still have allot of players on my messenger list from my ex-server and i will ask other people to vote !
    8. How did you find out about our server ?
    I was searching for a nice server to spend my extra-time and i have just called my brother and asked him Very Happy !
    9. How many languages do you know?
    1. Romaneste desigur ...
    2. English as you can see , i have learned intensive 14 years !
    3. Germana , Deutsch studiert seit zwei Jahren
    4. Spaniola , Vi a muchos jugadores espanoles, yo le voy ayudara en su idioma!

    Thanks in advance .. whatever the answer will be !

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    Post by BLooD on Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:31 pm

    If i will need more i will contact you!!!

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