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    Adding sockets to your items


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    Adding sockets to your items

    Post by BLooD on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:07 am

    Socket upgrading is a new system that lets you modify your items with sockets making them stronger than ever. Here is the full process of upgrading an item.This sockets can make your set powerful than an ancient full option set !

    1. Seeds (aka Seals)

    Seeds are jewels that are created at the Seed Master NPC. They are the core of the socket upgrade. There are 6 types of seeds all with different options - Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Ice.
    You can find the NPC in Elbeland (In Air server)

    Sockets for items :
    Sets & Shields - add Water, Wind, Earth Seeds
    Weapons - add Fire, Ice and Lightning Seeds

    2. Seed Options

    3. Spheres (aka Spears)
    Spheres are empty containers drop anywhere (depends on server). A Seed needs to be combined with a sphere in order to be added to an item. There are 5 types of spheres:
    1. Chipped - The only ones which work momentanly
    2. Flawed - Don't work momentanly
    3. Natural - Don't work momentanly
    4. Flawless - Don't work momentanly
    5. Perfect - Don't work momentanly

    The higher the rank of the sphere, the better the option you add to the item. A Seed combined with a Sphere produces a Seedsphere.

    4. Seedsphere types

    Creating and Upgrading
    1. Creating a Seed

    Components needed:
    - 1 Excellent Item + 4 or more
    - 1 Ancient Item + 4 or more
    - 1 Jewel of Harmony
    - 1 Jewel of Chaos
    - 1 Jewel of Creation

    2. Combining a Seedsphere

    Components needed:
    - 1 Seed (the one we created ion the previous step)
    - 1 Empty sphere (higher type will produce better option)
    - 1 Jewel of Harmony
    - 1 Jewel of Chaos
    - 1 Jewel of Creation

    3. Seed Research
    To continue the process of adding your socket option you need to go to the Research NPC and choose Mount SeedSphere.

    4. Mount SeedSphere

    Components needed:
    - 1 Item Season 4 with free Socket (the one you will upgrade)
    - 1 Seedsphere (made in the previous step)
    - 1 Jewel of Chaos
    - 1 Jewel of Creation

    5. Remove Socket Option

    6. Add only SeedSphere lvl 1 only does are working!!!


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