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    Items to change stats


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    Items to change stats

    Post by BLooD on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:32 am

    Reset Points Fruits

    Yelow fruit is for Agility

    Red Fruit is for Vitality

    Blue Fruit is for Energy

    Green Fruit is for Strenght

    Purple Fruit is for Comand

    NOTE: You must Remove all over ur items from your character in vault or inventory.
    This Fruits will Decrease 1000 points from your stats but don't worry u get it back up to the toolbar level .

    Special Potions

    Yelow Leap Potion is for Agility - This Leap will give your character 30 more points in your agility stats for 10 minutes

    Red Potion Leap is for Vitality - This Leap will give your character +50 more points in your Stamina status available 10 minutes

    Blue Potion Leap is for Energy - This Leap will Give your Character+50 increment points more into your energy stats available for 10 minutes

    Green Potion Leap is for Strenght - This Leap will give your character +50 more points in ur Strenght Stats available 10 minutes

    Purple Potion Leap is for Comand - This Leap will Give your character +50 more points in your Comand stats available 10 minutes

    Note: this leap Potions will work only on 32000 stats not more ! Warning if u use this potions when u have more stats may will reset ur character stats back to the initial stats ! They can be used only 1 in 10 minutes not all in to the same time ! They can be used at any level and with the items on the character.


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