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    Loader vechiul :D

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    Loader vechiul :D

    Post by LoaDeR on Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:33 am

    1. Tell us something about yourself (Name, Surname,Where do you live and picture)? BArgauanu Alex
    2. How old are you? ( minimum age - 20 )? 22
    3. Have you ever been a gamemaster (What Servers if so)?nu dar shtiu multe comenzi
    4. How long are you online (A Day) ? 8 9 ore.Smile
    5. Why do you think that you are the best choice ?shtiu foarte multe comenzi..sunt online multe ore.Smile ma port foarte frumos cu oameni:)
    6. What would you do to make server more popular ?as face eventuri zilnic.Smile as aduce playeri (MASS pe mesanger ,etc.)
    7. How did you find out about our server ?Am citit pe net si mia placut foarte mult il joc de pe season 3 Smile e super
    8. How many languages do you know? 3 (Italiana,Romana,Engleza)
    Air mu best server By LoaDeR Smile

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